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Re: Custom 15-22
by MadSmith | Today at 11:49:46 PM
Accepting that the barrel and slide could never be separated. Have folks put QD's on pistols in the state?Sure.  For the Ruger MK pistols, S&W Victory, Buckmark, Beretta Neos, etc.  No slide interference with those models.
Re: Smith Tactical lowers + uppers + parts kits.
by Mat | Today at 11:32:57 PM
Would upper pricing be the same if we decided for a barrel with a pinned muuzzle at a 12.5" OAL?...
Re: Official CT 'OTHERS' and Braces and info thread..
by MrNuke | Today at 10:33:40 PM
Please let's STOP the shameless advertising of vendors in this thread. Take it to PM or call them yourselves. This thread is for discussing the laws, legalities and truth behind the 'Others' and related, not about pricing and who has WHAT in stock..I have also removed posts that I deem personal attacks. Keep this thread active with information, not nit picking please....
Re: 2020 legislation
by SJK2 | Today at 10:29:05 PM
I’m curious what they are referring to. I searched all the 2020 bills proposed already for a bunch of key words and haven’t seen anything concerning. Must be something new.Received an email from CCDL today eluding to some other gun bills coming in's a cut & paste quote from  that email:"Please note that there will be a 2nd lobby day in early March on other gun bills.  Your participation in BOTH is essential.  Stay tuned - as soon as we know when we will send out an alert." ...
Re: My new favorite EDC.
by 19LG | Today at 09:41:52 PM
Another fan - 2019 build.  For whatever reason, I shoot this little thing better than any other handgun I've ever tried.  Amazing.It’s magical. ...
Re: What is a gun trust........
by Masked | Today at 08:24:51 PM
I don’t think so. I think the state see that as a change of ownership. It is in fact just that. The person no longer owns the item but the trust does. Even though the person controls the trust and everything in it the contents are no longer theirs.You don’t require a transfer to make a schedule c, though.In terms of an NFA item, you have to form 4 it...But in term of something that was registered to the state in your name - I can’t see why that would be a problem?...
Re: VCDL exposes the racist roots of Gun Control
by SJK2 | Today at 07:28:03 PM
So true.........
Re: Idaho girl, 11, brings AR-15 rifle to gun legislation hearing
by shermer-high | Today at 07:01:05 PM
If that was done here we would have to put the state on lockdown.......We'd be on lockdown just for the picture....
Re: Gun Lawyer Contacts.......
by SJK2 | Today at 02:37:48 PM
Attorney Matt Jalowiec can be reached at the following locations/numbers: 439 Main StreetWallingford, CT 06492 (888) 830-8007 – Toll Free(203) 707-3444 – Jalowiec Law, LLC direct dial (203) 871-3964 – Of Counsel at Allinson & Associates, LLC
Re: Remington 141 Question
by Bottom Rung | Today at 11:39:12 AM
The gun. ...
Re: Other Weapon Build kits
by Masked | Today at 08:49:36 AM
In between some lawyer crap today I'm going to be pricing the following things:Completed 5.56/300/308 lowers with SBM4's.Completed 5.56/300blk/308 Uppers at 12.5/14.5/16.308 Kit pricing will be up later.Any other requests?...
by SJK2 | Today at 07:41:10 AM
Update:Just an fyi......Don't forget to get your letters email's and testimonies in before the 27'th. This hearing will air live on the 27'th @ 1pm on CTn..............Schedule: 1:00 PM Finance Committee Public Hearing on "TV & Web 2"Link:
Re: Mattabassett
by CTSixshot | Today at 07:13:49 AM
Years back (I'm talking over ten years ago), MR&PC used to be very active with public shoots. Every Saturday they used to hold centerfire or rimfire rifle and pistol matches. They cut down to two Saturdays a month and now, I'm not sure if they hold any shoots open to the public.I'd suggest finding any members on this forum or at the club itself and go from there....
Re: Best powder/ primers/bullets for .45 Long Colt?
by CTSixshot | Yesterday at 07:30:23 PM
FWIW, the 200g RNFP, from Norman, that I've been loading in .45 Colt, .45 Schofield and .45 Auto have run just fine. I'm sure they'd work perfectly in .45 Auto Rim, too.Should have ordered a small flat rate full of these.They run fine in my friend's Winchester 94 (.45 Colt & .45 S&W Schofield) and they also do just fine in my Ruger P97 (.45 ACP)....

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